At Efunding Experts, our process is designed to make the funding process as simple and streamlined as possible for our clients.

Here’s an overview of how it works:


  1. Initial consultation: We start by having an initial consultation with the business owner to understand their funding needs and goals. This can be done over the phone or in person.
  2. Assessment: Next, we conduct an assessment of the business, including a review of financial statements, credit history, and business plan. This allows us to get a comprehensive understanding of the business and its funding needs.
  3. Customized funding options: Based on the information gathered during the assessment, our team of experts will identify the best funding options available for the client’s specific needs, whether it be a traditional loan, crowdfunding campaign, or alternative forms of financing.
  4. Application Process: Once the client chooses the best funding option, we will assist the client with the application process and provide guidance throughout the process and answer any questions the client may have.
  5. Approval and Funding: After the application is submitted, our team will work closely with the lender to ensure a smooth and efficient approval process. Once approved, the funds will be dispersed to the client.
  6. Ongoing support: After funding, we continue to provide ongoing support to our clients and be available to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Additionally, we provide support and advice to help our clients manage their funds effectively.

Throughout the entire process, we are committed to providing transparent, honest and accurate information, which will help our clients to make the best-informed decisions. Our goal is to make the funding process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients.

Step One

Apply: Fill out our secure online application. A trained professional will contact you with in 24

Step Two

Consultation: Based on your company’s industry your location strengths weakness and a few other factors we will match you with the best lenders who will give you the most capital with the best rates.

Step Three

Funding in 30 days: Once your business has the capital your funding expert will guide you on building an optimal relationship with each lender. As you build your relationship with the lenders they will increase your account limits and send you promotional offers based on your history