Minimizing Impact When Relocating Your Business

Whether you have a home-based business and you’re moving house or it’s time for your business to move into a bigger space, relocation can be difficult. However, you can take several steps to minimize the disruptions to business during this move and keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Do You Really Need To Move?

Sometimes, the decision to move is out of your hands — the rent’s increasing, the owner’s relocating, or the space just isn’t right. Before you make the move, consider things carefully. It may be that instead of spending money on a move and dealing with the inconvenience of relocating you can spend a bit on renovating your current location to make it more efficient.


If you decide moving is necessary, set aside some time to plan what this process looks like for your business. Ideally, create a process map to plan timelines and steps to be sure everyone on your team is on the same page. Process mapping allows you to determine your end goal, think about the steps needed to get there, and put it all in order. 


Don’t just slip out like a thief in the night. Communicating your upcoming move to customers, vendors, and everyone involved with your business makes the process go smoothly. Use your business’s social media, emails, or phone calls and letters to get the word out. In all your communications, include your new address and any downtime you expect during the move.

Stagger Your Move

If a shutdown simply isn’t possible for you, consider staggering your move. This means that for a short period of time, some parts of your business remain in operation at the old location while other segments become settled and begin operating in the new location. This may be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses because of the additional costs in staffing, rent, and utilities it represents, but it can be a seamless way for larger businesses to relocate. 

Up Your Inventory

If your business relies on sales of inventory, spend some time preparing additional items before the move. This ensures that when you experience inevitable delays, items aren’t out of stock and orders can be fulfilled even before production restarts.

Hire a Professional

Even with a small business, hiring professional movers can limit disruption and ensure everything’s done right. There are many great moving companies in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, to choose from. Check reviews online to be sure you select a company you can count on.

Hold a Grand Reopening

Once you’ve completed the move to the new space, announce it everywhere. Especially if you’ve moved to a completely different locale, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the new community. Hold a grand reopening party, have a sale, or otherwise get your name out there and take advantage of the marketing opportunity.

Try Not To Stress

Moving your business from one location to another can be challenging, but plenty of resources are out there to help you. Don’t be afraid, don’t stress, and know you’re doing the best thing for your company. If you need a bit of extra funding for the move, try contacting Entrepreneur Funding Experts for knowledgeable and professional help.