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Efunding Experts is a premier funding broker business that has been helping small businesses secure the funding they need for over 12 years. With a team of experienced professionals and a network of hundreds of lenders nationwide, Efunding Experts is dedicated to finding the best funding options for each and every client. Offering Products Such As:

Finance and Consulting Business

Business Funding Estimate Within 2 Hours

Our underwriting process happens within hours, not weeks. This means you can apply for funding in the morning and have an estimate the same afternoon.

How Does Gap Financing Work?
Funding gaps are a common occurrence among very young firms. Those may underestimate the amount of capital required to maintain production until a viable cash flow is established. That’s why bank loan is the best solution. Investors or equity sales of funds needed to start operations and currently accessible funds can help bridge the gap.

Gap Financing provides short-term loans, which is usually repayable within six months or one year. It has high interest rates and high risk for lenders. This process will be applicable for someone who currently needs a lot of cash or will be needed in the future.

Our Real Estate Investing Options

Are you looking for an experienced and flexible partner to help fund your real estate deals?

Efundingexpert is your Gap Financing solution. We all know that every entrepreneur is different. Every real estate business is unique, and every deal requires an appropriate approach. This is exactly why we don’t offer a one size fits all solution. Instead, we want to give you a variety of real estate investment loan options that you can choose from. We offer multiple types of funds and real estate investment loans, which works best for you and your business.

When it comes to gap financing, refers to a form of financial loan. which covers time, funding, or negotiation gaps. It also known as Bridge Loan. This loan is used to finance the difference between the floor loan and the maximum permanent loan as committed.

What is Gap Financing or Funding?
Gap financing is a short-term loan that helps people meet immediate financial obligations until they can arrange sufficient funds to finance long-term financial needs. Gap funding for real estate investors closes the remaining gap between a hard money lender covering and the cost of the investment project.



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Our simple funding criteria allow us to approve more than nine out of every ten qualified applications. Our funding experts will help you find the right products that you qualify for.
Use the funds for anything your business needs. No restrictions. Period.

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We take the time to understand your needs and provide solutions to accelerate your business. From Incorporation services to funding viability assessment, we have you covered.

Fix Your Credit Scores

Boost your buying power by fixing your credit score


It’s the little details that make a big difference

Our team of business experts provide services that are critical to every small business owner. Beyond our regular services, our team is here to provide essential consulting services to help save you time and money as you make critical decisions for your business.

Fast Approval In 24 Hours Or Less.

Free Consultation And Analysis On Your Company’s Needs.

In Depth Knowledge And Understanding On What Lenders Look For Specifically To Instantly Approve You And How Your Application Will Be Viewed.

Access Capital In 15 Days Or Less And Have The Freedom To Use The Funding For Whatever Your Business Needs.

Enjoy 0% Interest For 6-13 Months Imagine What You Could Accomplish In That Time And How Far Ahead You Could Get?

​​Apply On A Stated Application No Need To Provide Tax Returns!

Last and not least have the peace of mind of knowing your working with americas #1 business funding experts. trusting their guidance in seeking whats best for your organization we do all the work!

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Simply put, they get the job done in regards to credit funding. They will get you what he says he can get your company, considering you meet all the requirements.
Charles V.
Working with the guys was like working with a friend I have known for a long time, I was able to strike up $85,000 in business credit on the first round!
They get the job done in regards to credit funding. They will get you what he says he can get your company, considering you meet all the requirements.
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